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Fair Asking Price for Composers and Animators?

2017-03-21 06:29:03 by programmermaverick

Hey everyone!

I'm preparred to ask Musical Composers to help with a game soundtrack, but I'm having trouble coming up with a fair asking price per track! Most are 2.5 minute loops! Now, I'm thinking somewhere around $30, but it's not my fixed price because I really have no idea what is a fair asking, so if I can get some input, that would be great! Now, as for animation, I have nooooo idea! I have concept art finished for most of what I'm looking for! Each animation I'm looking for is anywhere between 50x50 to 300x300 pixels! The style is something around the quality of Super Nintendo graphics, if that helps!

Thank you for your input!



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2017-03-21 07:47:58

$30 for 2.5 minutes is insultingly cheap for original, exclusive music.
BUT: $30 is quite generous for a non-exclusive license prefab of the same length.
so if you don't expect to push a lot of units and have a small budget for music (i.e. <$1000) i recommend licensing pre-existing music from a site such as audiojungle to save costs.

i can't really advise you re: art assets, but afaik sprite animation is quite a difficult and sought after skill so expect to spend more than $30 per sprite sheet for decent end results.

programmermaverick responds:

Thank you, I never want to insult an artist in general because I know it too, making any art is hard work and deserves proper compensation for it! Thank you again!


2017-03-21 14:13:46

I don't have an asking price, generally I prefer credit than payment but if someone just needs to give me money, I usually ask no more than $5 for everything. If you need any help, let me know via Private Meassage and I hope we can be good friends!
Greatest Wishes,
Pack Man3.


2017-03-21 22:25:18

I think the easiest way to deal with this is to say that the payment is negotiable, because each artists will often have their own plans and pricing. :) Some value their time and their work more, and thus have higher rates. Some just want to make art and music as a pure hobby, and will lend their skills for free, or for a low price :D (I'd still pay them though, it's only fair haha)

I recommend looking around for music/art on Newgrounds that matches the style you have in mind. Then if they're active, send a DM or email to them to see if they want to work out pricing with you. :D

Hm for a more direct answer, I'm not totally knowledgeable and experienced with this sort of thing myself. But I believe $30 is more along the lines of what a *professional* might charge per hour. A 2.5 minute track can easily take over 10 hours of work to create though.
(For example, I just spent about 10 hours making 2 minutes of music for a friend)

Take a look at Waterflame's "Hire me!" page on his website, and scroll down to see some of his prices. He does value his time and style pretty high, but it's not unexpected:

But yeah, it really depends! Hopefully that sorta helps?