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My first ever post!

2015-10-07 15:50:51 by programmermaverick

So considering the fact that our first game actually did something good, I decided to write my first post on my page! So hi fellow followers! Thank you again for playing Launch! It was a struggle to make, but it was a struggle of joys and smiles as we made it! However, a few of you were concerned with some lack of content and that made me think of a questions I'd like to ask!

Would adding more story help the game? As a writer, I've always been taught to show don't tell and give the reader just enough so the reader fill in the blanks with their imagination! This helps the reader make their interpertation of the story their own and personal! For instance, in Launch, the threat was not confirmed of what exactly it is, but all that's needed is that it's going to destroy the earth and only 20 missiles can stop it! I felt as if no more information is really needed since it wouldn't add or decrease from those two important facts! I would love to hear your thoughts!




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2015-10-08 02:06:32

if the story is great and can hook anyone who reads it, I would say add it! i love staying with a character who's awesome so i can feel awesome playing him lol if that adds any kind of insight into the subject. i wish you luck maverick :>


2015-10-10 00:48:27

Adding more story would help, yes. But giving people the option to try it over again if they made a mistake with launching the Ark or shooting all missiles without knowing what'd happen and people who are curious on how it'd end the other way you know? Might want them to have that too.

And my imagination tells me either a space-alien ship was going to destroy the planet, or something massive going to collide with it. I leaned towards the colliding object because from what it shows and seems to show that fit better really haha. It really makes you think.


2015-10-10 14:18:22

how do you get on the front page


2016-01-03 20:48:38

Great collaborative experience! Love the game, and I will let the soundtrack just play in the background for an hour sometimes :-D Looking forward to future iterations. You're talented, follow through, and really onto something - keep up the great work!