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Hey everyone!

I'm preparred to ask Musical Composers to help with a game soundtrack, but I'm having trouble coming up with a fair asking price per track! Most are 2.5 minute loops! Now, I'm thinking somewhere around $30, but it's not my fixed price because I really have no idea what is a fair asking, so if I can get some input, that would be great! Now, as for animation, I have nooooo idea! I have concept art finished for most of what I'm looking for! Each animation I'm looking for is anywhere between 50x50 to 300x300 pixels! The style is something around the quality of Super Nintendo graphics, if that helps!

Thank you for your input!


Hello all! I'm hosting a game testing competition for a game I'm creating! I'm in need of people testing a game that's in Alpha mode and with that, I'm throwing in $100 for anyone who can get the best completion time by the end of next month! The competition will start at the beginning of the year, so if anyone's interested, send me a PM and your email address with it and I'll send you information before the 1st of January!


My first ever post!

2015-10-07 15:50:51 by programmermaverick

So considering the fact that our first game actually did something good, I decided to write my first post on my page! So hi fellow followers! Thank you again for playing Launch! It was a struggle to make, but it was a struggle of joys and smiles as we made it! However, a few of you were concerned with some lack of content and that made me think of a questions I'd like to ask!

Would adding more story help the game? As a writer, I've always been taught to show don't tell and give the reader just enough so the reader fill in the blanks with their imagination! This helps the reader make their interpertation of the story their own and personal! For instance, in Launch, the threat was not confirmed of what exactly it is, but all that's needed is that it's going to destroy the earth and only 20 missiles can stop it! I felt as if no more information is really needed since it wouldn't add or decrease from those two important facts! I would love to hear your thoughts!