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After a struggle of 5 whole years, some where there was just a little fiddling, some where working 12 hours each day was common, a passion project has finally been completed. To finally have it done, to finally see it on it's unstoppable path of release, it fills me with what I can only describe as a trail mix back of emotions. Disbelief, joy, exhaustion, pride, makes one wish there was a word for mixed emotions like that.

I'll put the name of the game at the end, but I don't want this to be a promotional post, but an enlightment post for all those who have een struggling and continue to struggle with art. Please, take it from me, don't give up. You can do it. When years go by and it seems like progress is too slow, when family, friends, or both hold little to no care for your work, when it seems it all amounts to nothing but time waisted, don't give in. Don't punish yourself if it hits you for a little while. Giving up is only giving up when you're no longer on the track, not when your stopped on it. I say this because all of this I've survived through and want to pass on the strength to those who are struggling now. Whoever has that project, announce it loud and proud! Give it life that it deserves! For all ideas deserve that life, cause it came from ours! I don't know if this attempt at poetic inspiration will help, but hopefully it will.

My project: Sorcerer's Path! What's yours?

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600 Points

Level 20 10 Points

Reach level 20. Getting well into the game now.

Winter is Coming 5 Points

Freeze a foe, and then hit them again for massive damage.

Realm of Robots 25 Points

Enter the Waste Disposal Plant for the first time.

Power On 5 Points

Power up a set of factory doors, and open the next area.

3K Damage 5 Points

Deal 3,000 damage with a single hit

I See Dead People 25 Points

Enter Graybone Graveyard for the first time.

Slimy Situation 5 Points

Get turned into a slime. Some people have a fetish for that sort of thing.

Step Over the Dead 5 Points

Clear away a player's rotting corpse.

Unknown Power Level 5 Points

Find an unscannable secret foe.

Lunchtime 5 Points

Take a break and have something to eat outside of battle.